League of Charleston Theatres

The League of Charleston Theatres is an alliance of theatre organizations created to support, advocate and promote Charleston's theatre industry both locally and nationally. The mission of the League is to promote awareness and visibility for live theatre in the Charleston area, and provide services that strengthen the operations of both the member theatres and performing arts organizations in general. The League will serve as a forum for its members to address common concerns and as a vehicle for collective action.

Theater Communications Group

Free Night of Theater is a national program, created and supported by Theater Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American Theatre.

Welcome to the Theatre Charleston Awards!

Theatre Charleston Awards are the Lowcountry's comprehensive theatre awards created by The League of Charleston Theatres to recognize excellence in theatrical performance, production and design.

The Theatre Charleston Awards strive to promote live theatre and increase awareness of the richness of the local performing arts community in the Charleston area.

Currently, this site is only for use by Theatre Charleston Awards Voters. If you are a voter, please LOGIN above once you have been notified that your account is active.

If you are interested in other information regarding the awards, or are a producer who would like to register for Awards consideration, please contact Theatre Charleston directly through the link below.

Later this year, this website will upgrade and have more information about the Awards, Nominees, and Awards Events. In the meantime, you can download the Theatre Charleston Awards Rulebook by clicking HERE.